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Port City Pretzels came about as a tasty snack food to share. Always around at our family gatherings, now available for everyone in 8 oz. and 16 oz. packages. These pretzels are seasoned with an intense IRRESISTIBLE Ranch & Dill flavor that has you reaching for just one more. We have added Cinnamon Sugar and Feisty Hot! Inspired by the Port City Mayor-Moms of Portsmouth, NH and meant to be shared with everyone. Enjoy!

September 16

Passport Craft Beer & Food Tour


NH PBS Station

& Strawbery Banke Museum


September 28 - Oct 1

​Deerfield Fair


Testimonials -

Feeling the LOVE

Events & Samplings - yum!

"You really have something in these pretzels, YUMMY!"     

       Patty M., Rye, NH

"My new go-to snack food."  Dan R., Portsmouth, NH

"These Pretzels are amazing!" Lucia G., Portsmouth, NH

"Delicious!" Pay B., Portsmouth, NH

"I am loving these pretzels!" Bert, Dover, NH

"They are delicious!" Anne C., Rye, NH

"Great stuff. Inspiring flavors." Dennis R., Portsmouth, NH

"Your pretzels are really good." Wayne L., Portsmouth, NH

"Unable to STOP eating your pretzels, they are amazing!"  

       Devon P., Rye, NH

"These are Terrific!" Cate B., Boston, MA

"The best I've tasted!" David W. Alton, NH